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Drug prices
Belgium - Répertoire Commenté des Médicaments (C.B.I.P. asbl) (www.cbip.be/GGR/Index.cfm?ggrWelk=MAIN)
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Health Action International Europe (http://www.haiweb.org/medicineprices)
European Medicines Agency Home (www.emea.europa.eu)
Országos Gyógyszerészeti Intézet (www.ogyi.hu)
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (www.nice.org.uk)
World Health Organization (www.who.int/en)
EudraPharm (www.eudrapharm.eu/eudrapharm/selectLanguage.do)
British National Formulary (www.bnf.org/bnf/not_eligible.htm)
Irish Medicines Board (www.imb.ie)
Medstat (www.medstat.dk)
Institut for Rationel Farmakoterapi Lćgemiddelforbrug (www.ordiprax.dk)
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